I share the easiest way to save a manicure after working with the ground

Greetings to all lovers of beautiful manicure. You probably know that putting beauty on your hands is pleasant and at the same time quite costly. Perfectly made nails can suddenly deteriorate from physical work. But we want to admire the perfectly done work of the master for quite a long time. I found simple ways to help my nails stay well-groomed.

Everything for beauty

So, in order to keep my manicure beautiful for a long time, I follow one simple rule - every time I clean the house and wash the dishes, I use rubber gloves. Better to get two pairs: one for washing dishes, and the other for plumbing. To prevent my hands from smelling like rubber, I choose lined gloves. But I do not advise you to sprinkle the gloves with talcum powder from the inside: after that, your hands dry even more.

On the eve of the summer season, when it comes time to prepare seedlings, I work with the land. It becomes more difficult to combine love for beautiful nails with love for your country house and it is almost impossible to keep a manicure. But there is a sure way to keep dirt out of your nails - put on gloves again.

But it is not always possible to use them. Gloves may simply not be at hand. In addition, some delicate work, such as fishing the plants out of the seedling container, can be inconvenient to do with gardening gloves. The wonderful thing about this situation is that, having suffered in due time with this problem, I finally found a solution. Take note of my advice.

Everything simple is brilliant

You need to work with the ground, and gloves were not at hand. To prevent damage to my nails, I always keep a bar of regular solid soap in the country or at home. It is enough to rub your nails with it, and there will be no problems. Now the protective layer of soap will prevent tarnishing my manicure.

After the work is completed, I wash my hands under the sewage water and then run the file under the nails, removing the remaining soap. And so, my nails become white again, without any traces of earth under them.

Hand skin care

She took care of the nails, but do not forget about the skin. Sometimes there are traces of dirt that are difficult to wash out, especially at the base of the nail next to the cuticle and on the folds of the fingers. To prevent this from happening, it is enough to apply a protective silicone cream to the skin. After using it, the dirt rinses off much better. Excessive skin care will not hurt, so you can reapply the cream at the end. Now you can breathe a sigh of relief and even be glad. I did a good job, and the manicure is still gorgeous, and the skin of the hands is like a baby.

If you follow these simple tips, then your nails, like mine, will always remain well-groomed, healthy and beautiful for a long time.

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8 simple tricks to create and maintain a festive atmosphere in your home for a long time!

I am from the category of people who love all the holidays. Since childhood, I have been dearly loved New Year and Christmas. Even now, living in my apartment, I fill it with the aromas of pine needles, Christmas gingerbread and citrus fruits. Thanks to such smells, you can feel all the magic and magic of Christmas in the house.

I was simply amazed when my aunt invited me to visit her. It was last year in December. Going to her, I immediately plunged into the aroma of my favorite holiday. It was so unexpected, I did not immediately understand what was the reason.

Of course, my mood suddenly became pre-New Year's, and I even felt somehow better. All thoughts of bad weather and slush on the street suddenly disappeared. Even the headache receded. I immediately remembered that the new year is literally on the doorstep.

Flavors from natural ingredients

Scented candles

This is one of the easiest ways to scent your home. But it is not that you need to buy delicious-smelling candles in the store. To do this, you need ordinary candles that do not smell. We will add flavor to them.

Cinnamon sticks are great for this. Decorating a candle this way is very simple. You will need an elastic band, which must be put on the candle and the ends of the sticks are placed under it. So that they are vertically across the diameter of the candle. In the final step, you can glue on tape to hide the elastic. After the candle is lit, you can enjoy its aroma and soft, warm light.

Orange peel

Undoubtedly, before the new year, everyone is trying to buy oranges more often, while creating a festive mood in the house. After the fruit is peeled and eaten, you should not immediately put the rind from it in the trash can. It can be used as an unusual, fragrant candlestick.

To do this, you need to cut the fruit into 2 halves. Remove the pulp and squeeze out any figurine in the peel of one half with a mold. A carnation is suitable for decorating such a candlestick. Put a tea candle in the second half and cover with a lid with a carved figure.

It's so easy to make a citrus candlestick!

This is a fairly simple but interesting element of the festive decor. Useful for manufacturing: a mixture of dried fruits, aromatic spices, various winter elements and flavors.

It is quite simple to select the dry elements that make up the composition. They can be any nuts, slices of tangerines, oranges, apples, cones brought from a walk, rose hips, cinnamon sticks, dried leaves and much more.

All these components will need to be placed in a jar with a lid and a drop of your favorite essential oil. You can recommend the following oils: orange, cinnamon, lemon, pine needles.

All this should be mixed, cover the jar with a lid and leave for a while to impregnate all the components with the aroma. After several hours, put the mixture in a beautiful container.

Fragrant garland

I will certainly use this method of decoration for the New Year. For production, you will have to prepare the elements in advance. It is necessary to dry the citrus slices well, or buy such in a store for needlewomen.

They should be placed on a strong thread or tape. Between the slices, you can place a leaf of laurel or cinnamon sticks, so the aroma will be stronger. This garland can be fixed to the window or used as toys on the tree.

Agree, it will look very cute and unusual?

A fragrance that no one can see

About 2 hours before guests are due to arrive, you can boil some water in a saucepan containing citrus fruit pieces, ginger, vanilla and cinnamon sticks, small spruce twigs, and a few cloves. After boiling, reduce the power of the stove and wait until all the water from the mixture has boiled away. The main thing is not to turn on the hood, under this condition the aroma will fill all the rooms.

Fragrant bottle

You can spray the aroma of the New Year with a spray bottle. To make such a smell, you should take vodka or alcohol, 3 tablespoons will be enough, your favorite aromatic oil. I really like to combine sage with juniper or cinnamon and rosemary. Orange with bergamot is just as good.

In a container with a spray, with a volume of about 250 ml. pour vodka or alcohol and add no more than 40 drops of the selected oil. Then pour water to the top and shake well.

This scent should be used just before the guests come.

You can also make your own oil diffuser. It will be based on essential oils. I recommend using jojoba or almond oil as a base. Pour it into a container and add a few drops of essential oil with your favorite scent. Then mix the oils thoroughly.

Simply insert bamboo skewers into the prepared butter, then turn them over. After the smell becomes less saturated, the skewers will need to be turned over again.

Salt flavor

You will need an orange to make it. Cut it in half and remove the juicy pulp. In a separate bowl, mix salt (you can take sea salt) and orange, cinnamon or clove essential oil. After the salt is saturated with aroma, it must be sent to peeled orange halves. They can be additionally decorated as you wish.

A great aroma will be obtained by using lemon halves filled with a mixture of salt and rosemary oil, with the addition of vanilla extract.

It's hard to imagine a Christmas decoration without the use of cones. Therefore, I advise you to flavor them!

They will have to be washed and dried well in the oven. This process will take half an hour, while the temperature must be set to 200 degrees.

Next, they need to be allowed to cool completely. Then put it in a bag and add about 20 drops of any essential oil there. Tie the bag and leave for a while so that the cones are saturated with aroma. As a New Year's decor, such cones are great.

After making any of these fragrances, the apartment or house will be filled with the magical scent of the New Year. Not only you, but all those close to you will feel the coming holiday. Fragrances are sure to improve your mood. Be sure to use these tips to create a festive and magical atmosphere in your home.

How to keep an apple orchard

One of the many fruit trees for which Ukraine has favorable climatic conditions are apple trees. However, in order to grow an apple orchard that will yield a bountiful harvest, there are a few simple rules to follow in apple gardening.

First of all, if you decide to plant young trees in the fall, they should be prepared for planting for two to three weeks. Also, experienced gardeners advise against buying seedlings with leaves.

In addition, you should not plant a young apple tree in the place where an old or diseased tree grew, because the causative agent of the disease can hide in the soil and lead to the death of the seedling. For the first two years after planting, we advise you to cut off the flower, since the tree will devote all its energy to growing fruit, which can negatively affect its development.

Do not forget about the large number of pests that can damage the tree. In order to get a harvest in the future and preserve the plantings, do not forget to buy effective preparations that will help you forget about insects and larvae for a long time.

In the "Gardener's Pharmacy" you will find a wide range of effective pest control products, as well as instructions for the use of drugs. The online store has its own page on the social network, by subscribing to which you can receive daily news and grow a generous harvest of vegetables and fruits.

7 life hacks that will help you keep your manicure for a long time

Extending the life of a manicure is not difficult at all, it is enough to follow only a few simple rules of care and application.

Degrease the nail plate

The first rule of a long-lasting manicure is to apply varnish to degreased nails. Rub the nail plate with a special alcohol-based solution. However, if you do not have it, then you can get out of the situation with the help of ordinary spirits, which also contain alcohol.

Important: After you degreased your nails, do not touch them, do not touch with your fingers, otherwise there will be no effect.

Let each coat dry completely.

If you do your own manicure at home, then you have a great opportunity to turn it into a more permanent one. In the salon, usually the master applies each next layer immediately after finishing the previous one. To make the polish last longer, take more time to the manicure - let each layer dry completely, take a break between coatings for 10 minutes.

Important: you need to paint your nails in 4 layers - base, 2 layers of varnish, top. It is this scheme that will ensure durability of the manicure.

Do not use quick-drying varnishes

Varnishes that dry "in 60 seconds" also peel off quickly. No surprise: quick-drying products simply contain more solvent and therefore chip off instantly. By the way, such varnishes are also more harmful to the nail than ordinary ones, so it's better to spend time drying.

Garden: Express Landscaping Techniques for a New Site

Many express gardening techniques can be seen at public space developers and at garden exhibitions. Developers know how to quickly get the final picture, without waiting for the trees to grow and perennials gain splendor. The basis of the landscape is created already at the initial stages of construction work. And at the final stage, they only polish the ceremonial areas.

Important: Express terrain doesn't mean terrain for a month, unless it's just seasonal décor. With any quick work, it is important to remember about their quality, keep in mind the complete final picture you are striving for (yes, I’m talking about planning again), and think about measures that will help preserve what you have created for years to come.

Take your time: prepare the territory
The formation of the relief and the organization of the drainage system should be carried out strictly before the start of landscaping work, ideally before the construction of a house.

Until the completion of engineering work, there is no rush and methods of "express greening". Otherwise, you will have to dig up a fresh lawn to install electricity or organize an irrigation system. Plan all communications on the site, conduct them and only then - think about landscape design.

Fragmented strategy
When speed is important, a “fragmentary” strategy is often chosen, trying to carefully design one area, say, an entrance area, and leave the rest for later. But even choosing this approach, you need to remember about the principle of completeness.

It is good if one zone at the initial stage takes on an accent role, being more elaborate than others. But the surrounding space should already have a basic design.

It is possible to develop a landscape in parts only in very large areas, where different zones are significantly distant from each other and carry completely different image and function.

Void filling method
The easiest way to complete a space is to fill in empty spaces. There should be no uncovered, forgotten areas. Let the entire free plane of the earth be used. The main tools are lawn, paving and mulch.

1. Paving or flooring
According to the principle and timing of the organization of work, the paving is located between the engineering preparation of the territory and the design. Pave the paths and areas at the earliest stage. Firstly, it is more convenient this way and there is no risk of damaging the lawn and plants. Secondly, paving will immediately complete the landscape. These works cannot be called very fast, but they definitely take less time than growing trees and shrubs.

2. Lawn
He will give a well-groomed and completed look to the site. When it comes to saving time, of course, you should choose a roll lawn, not a sowing lawn. The formed strong sod of the rolled lawn will allow you to get the finished result almost instantly. Immediately after installation, it gives a thick green coating, and after two weeks it looks "grand". With lawn and paving, the site will look thoughtful and solid, even if there are no plantings on it yet. In addition, neatly designed planes will immediately "turn on" the surrounding landscape. If a forest or individual tall trees are visible behind the fence, they will not be perceived as a random element, but as part of the overall composition.

3. Siderata
If it is not possible to cover the entire empty space with a lawn, use green manure.They very quickly gain green mass and turn the wasteland into a green lawn. They also improve the soil and protect it from weeds. They will arrange and cover the empty zones until your hands reach them.

4. Mulch
Convenient material for decorating empty sites. Thanks to the variety of materials and colors from mulch, you can create whole paintings that can become more than just temporary decor. But for this it is better to take stable mineral chips of different shades and fractions. It will take you no more than one day to create a composition. Use curb tape to differentiate between the planes of the backfill and the surrounding area. Lay geotextiles as a base, especially for long lasting ornaments. If you are designing a future flower bed (which you will start creating next year), take a biodegradable mulch, such as tree bark.

Important: Tree bark, depending on the species, can acidify the soil. Consider this when you select plants: take those that like acidic soil, or carry out liming on this place.

Mulch is also suitable for decorating the space around small seedlings, young trees and shrubs that have not grown. It will help give young plantings a finished look, which is very important for quick landscaping.

5. Architectural decor
Another non-vegetative tool for quickly decorating a landscape is architectural decor. You can learn this from garden exhibitions. Most of the exhibition compositions are based on a combination of architectural elements and plants. Moreover, plants very often only frame an interesting pavilion or sculpture.

In a non-exhibition landscape, completely utilitarian buildings can be used in an accent role, without postponing their design until later. With an unusual designer fence, the site will look interesting even without overgrown shrubs. And then there will be no need to figure out how to disguise it.

Retaining walls, bridges and gazebos will create the necessary basis for further landscape decoration. Include in the composition the natural resources available on the site: stones and driftwood.

If you decide to use a sculpture, don't be too small. Miniature gnomes and hedgehogs from garden centers are good as an unexpected accent in a flower garden or bushes. On a bare site, they will look ridiculous. To decorate an open space, you need large accent forms or whole compositions. But do not overdo it - you should not place figures in all unoccupied corners if you are not a collector.

When the base is prepared, you can move on to the floral decor. For a quick design, it is worth using those forms that immediately look expressive.

Advice: Plant mature plants, but keep them dwarf and compact. Firstly, it is much easier technically than planting large trees, and secondly, it will allow you to immediately form a complete composition.

The grown-ups are not necessarily adults. It is quite enough to acquire a strong, developed three to four year old planting material. Most trees at this age, although still not large enough, already have a beautiful crown pattern.

How to do it right: Order plants in European nurseries

Arrange plants in planters, flowerpots and containers
Plants in containers are the main tool for quick plant decoration. There are several options for how you can use them successfully.

1. Compositions from annuals
This is the first thing that comes to mind when you need to quickly decorate a space with flowers. In the spring, they are planted with seedlings, which grow rapidly, in the summer and autumn, already lush blooming groups are exhibited. Unfortunately, as fast and effective this solution is, it is also short-lived. Annuals will stay with you for only one season. But next year it will be possible to place new compositions in the same containers.

Advice: Buy beautiful outdoor planters right away. Firstly, they themselves are a great decoration. Secondly, they will last more than one year and will allow you to easily and variably decorate the landscape for several years.

2. Perennial species in pots
Including trees and shrubs. Even use thermophilic species if you have a cool place to store them in the winter.

A cache-pot is a good solution if in the fall you buy container-grown plants for further planting in the ground. In this case, in the fall you leave them on the site in a container, in the winter you store them in it, and in the spring you plant them in the ground.

Necessary and sufficient
Express landscaping is risky and uneconomical. What should be foreseen so that money is not wasted, and the planted plants do not turn into a disposable decor?

1. Buy strong, healthy plants with a well-developed root system.

2. Follow the principle of "minimum sufficient". Create a solid base for the composition, plant one or two accents, and then gradually complement the plantings, bringing the landscape to the planned picture.

3. When planting plants, do not save time by carefully preparing the planting pit. Dig it out of a size sufficient for a particular type and age of the seedling, apply the necessary fertilizers, carefully follow the planting technology (Find out in the nursery when buying a plant what exactly it needs).

4. At first, provide young plants with extra careful care.

Consider the specifics of the season
In principle, express gardening can be carried out in any season except winter (and in the southern regions even in winter). But each season has its own limitations and risks.

Spring is fraught with recurrent frosts. It is advisable to plant large-sized plants early - before the start of active sap flow. And young seedlings can look "lifeless" for a long time. Be prepared to wait - it will take a while for them to grow strong and open their foliage. Otherwise, spring is the perfect time for new plantings. By planting a basic assortment and filling out the empty areas, you will get a pretty complete picture. And you will have summer and fall to complement it. And by winter, the plants will already get strong enough and with less losses will endure the harsh period.

Fall - the right time for planting plants. But with reservations. In the northern regions, in the northwest, and in many places in the central part of Russia, you risk that the plants will not have time to prepare for winter and will die under unfavorable conditions. Therefore, in the fall, it is worth planting only the most resistant species that are guaranteed to be suitable for your region.

Preparing for winter. Be attentive to the preparation of plantings - water-charging irrigation and winter protection. Moisture-charging (or moisture-charging) irrigation is a plentiful pre-winter watering of trees and shrubs, which is carried out in September-October, so that the wood and soil are saturated with moisture and the plants can more easily endure frosts (with a high level of groundwater and heavy precipitation, it is not carried out). In the first year after planting, young plants especially need it.

For seedlings, even zoned ones, it is worth arranging an air-dry shelter. This will affect the appearance of the garden during the winter. In the first winter, do not count on the beautiful graphics of the branches and the decorative effect of the fruits.

Bigger ones also need care. Conifers are best tied to protect from the severity of the snow, and sheltered from the bright sun in spring. In weeping and standard forms, the vaccination site is especially vulnerable - it is worth protecting it especially. There is no need to walk on the lawn laid in the fall, even when it is under the snow, it is better to fence it off. An express landscape, especially one created in the fall, will not provide you with a beautiful winter scene in the first year. To compensate for this, add seasonal decor and lighting.

Do you find the Express Landscaping technique appropriate for your site? Have you ever created
« fast » landscapes? Tell us about your experience and dress up a photo in the comments.

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