How to build an unusual collapsible playground

For kids, a sandbox must be present on the playground. It can be made in several ways from inexpensive materials.

Build a sandbox with a tire from a tractor or other large machine. Cover the bottom with a non-woven material that will allow moisture to flow into the soil, but will prevent the earth from mixing with the sand. Lay the tire on top and cover the structure with sifted river sand.

A beautiful sandbox can be made from hemp. Pick up the number of stumps you need and treat them with an antiseptic to keep the tree from rotting. Lay out the string in the shape of a sandbox where you plan to place it. You can fantasize and give the sandbox the look of a boat, a flower with petals, an airplane, or simply make curved paths. Dig in the stumps along the outline you marked with the rope.

Build a sandbox with planks. First, dig a hole about 50 cm deep in the place where it will be located and fill it with rubble. In this case, after the rain, the sand will dry out quickly. Unscrew the box from four boards and four bars. Take the bars longer, so that their lower ends also serve as legs. Paint the wooden edging of the sandbox with a bright oil paint. On the sides you can draw cartoon characters or large berries and fruits. Dig the legs into the ground along the contour of the hole and fill in the sand for the games.

How to choose a location

This is certainly not an easy task, it is worth taking into account a few general rules:

  • the entire area should be viewed from the house or room in which the parents are most of the time. It is considered ideal if the site is visible from several windows.
  • should be located away from other buildings
  • it is desirable to highlight a fertile area, it is possible with a complex relief.

A good option is considered to be located near the fence, because then a shadow appears and the risk of getting heatstroke decreases. But it is worth noting that the shadow should not be continuous - it is better to eat ⅓ of the area under the rays of the sun. A swimming pool can be installed at this place.

A solid fence can be used for ball games by drawing targets on it. It is desirable to minimize the occurrence of drafts. You should also make sure that there are no electrical panels and automatic machines nearby, because children are curious and it is better not to take risks.

Depending on the age category, the area of ​​the site may vary:

  • For kids, you only need 4-5 square meters on which there will be a sandbox, a simple and safe swing and, if desired, a pool. A small piece of land with soft grass on which to lie is well perceived. For safety, it is better to fence off the area with a chain-link or rope net. You can also use a picket fence in an unusual design.
  • For older children, more space is already needed - about 9-12 sq.m. Indeed, in this case, shells of a serious type are used. The fence is no longer required and neither is the sandbox.

It is also important to take the choice of coverage seriously, lawn grass is suitable for slides, and for places with swings it is better to use a pillow made of fine gravel. Where the guys play sports, it is better to lay an artificial turf that does not deteriorate after frequent blows with boots. Coarse sifted sand or crushed dry bark is also a good option.

Playground decoration

Practically, on every playground there is a swing, which is built from boards, metal, car tires. When constructing a swing, it is imperative to take into account the swing amplitude. The simplest option is a rope swing, which is fixed on a thick branch of a tree. Regularly, it is necessary to check the ropes and ropes for strength, since under the influence of weather conditions, frictional forces during their operation, the material collapses. A hanging swing will be stronger if attached to a chain. But, there are also disadvantages - due to the mobility of the links, the child can pinch his fingers or skin.

Plastic bottles of various sizes can be used to decorate the playground. From them you can make a pirate mini-island by building several palms, voluminous animals and fairy-tale heroes.

Old car tires can be used to make swings, sandbox fences or the sandbox itself, either from one large diameter tire, or from several ordinary ones, arranged in the form of a flower. The child will not be scratched on rubber; for crafts based on it, you do not need a large number of fasteners and other special parts. Using well-cleaned logs and tires can be used to build an obstacle course for school-age children.

Applying your own imagination and the wishes of children, you can create an exciting play area without spending a lot of money. The main thing is that the structures are safe for children, and always bright, so do not forget to paint them in cheerful shades.

Do-it-yourself safety requirements for building a playground

The main criteria for a playground are comfort and safety. As for the latter, there are many accessories for the comfortable finding of children on the playground, which we have already talked about, but safety should be taken very seriously, because children are prone to falls and all kinds of injuries.

The safety requirements are as follows:

  1. It is not recommended to use stone and metal elements when building a playground, because these materials are very hard and can do much more damage than wood, foam, rubber, etc.
  2. Avoid sharp corners of the structure, I think it is not worth explaining why this should be done
  3. Create an artificial shade over the playground using awnings, or simply place the playground near a tree so that the child does not get sunstroke during hot weather
  4. To build a playground with your own hands, use environmentally friendly materials
  5. As mentioned earlier, the location of the playground should be in the field of view of adults.

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