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Dancing Bones Information – How To Grow A Dancing Bones Cactus

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Also known as drunkard's dream, bottle cactus, or spice cactus, dancing bones produces deep yellow-orange blooms on the bottle-shaped stem tips in spring. Interested in growing dancing bones? Click on the following article and we?ll tell you how.


Though nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are most vital for healthy growth, calcium is also essential for building healthy “bones”—the cell walls of a plant. Composed of calcium carbonate, eggshells are an excellent way to introduce this mineral into the soil. To prep the eggshells, grind with a mixer, grinder, or mortar and pestle and till them into the soil. Because it takes several months for eggshells to break down and be absorbed by a plant’s roots, it is recommended that they be tilled into the soil in fall. More shells can be mixed into your soil in the spring.

By the same token, finely crushed shells mixed with other organic matter at the bottom of a hole will help newly planted plants thrive. (Tomatoes especially love calcium.) For an exciting recycled garden cocktail, try mixing your eggshells with coffee grounds, which are rich in nitrogen.

Finally, eggshells will reduce the acidity of your soil and help to aerate it.

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