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The game of the bell is also called the world game. It consists in making a sort of numbered scheme on the ground and throwing a stone on it. According to the number on which this will stop, it will be necessary to jump inside this pattern first with the left foot, then with the right foot and then with both feet. It is a game that can be played from the age of five, and can be played with other children or alone. The player is excluded from the game if he does not jump correctly taking into account the alternation of the left foot, the right foot and then both feet, or if he goes outside the drawn lines. The pattern can be drawn on the ground using a simple chalk and can be repeated endlessly. It collects numbers from one to ten or one to seven depending on the version. In some cases it starts from the base, where the word "earth" is written and then reaches the top of the scheme where the word "sky" is written. There are many and different versions of the bell game, each of which has specific characteristics. However, it remains a very interesting game that offers children the opportunity to develop motor skills and have fun in the company of friends.

Purpose of the game

The aim of the game is to reach the top of the board as quickly as possible. It is important to remember the alternation of the hop. When there are several children who want to participate in this game it is important to explain to them how it works correctly: each will have to wait their turn before playing. If an adult is present, she will explain to the children and practically show how to jump inside the bell. Using a piece of chalk, this pattern will be drawn on the ground, which must have a size that allows the child to easily jump inside. In order not to be penalized, the child must jump without losing balance only on one leg. The hopscotch allows the child to socialize and have fun quietly in the open air. It was once a game that took place inside the courtyard. Those who did not have it were called by the other children and gathered to play. A few years ago, these were the games that allowed children to have fun, because there was no financial availability to be able to buy games in the store. Today the game of the bell, along with others, has undergone a certain re-evaluation because in its simplicity it offers the child the possibility of having fun without danger. By carefully analyzing the hopscotch you realize that you need to have only some chalk available to trace the pattern and the presence of the children on the ground. The child who is alone can always play independently, even if there are no other children.

Bell game: How to make it

The game of the bell involves the drawing on the ground of a sort of chessboard. Each square must be of such a size that the child can jump into it without problems. Progressively inside each square will be reported numbers up to the top. In some versions of the bell game, the child while jumping must repeat the number he jumped on. All this increases the difficulty of the game. The chessboard is made of alternating squares. In this way the child will have to jump from right to left or vice versa, and in the center with feet together. Self the game of the bell it is designed in a sheltered space, not even rainwater will be able to cancel it, while if it is made in the center of a courtyard, it will be necessary to redesign the scheme if it is no longer present. Even the child himself can learn to draw in a short time the game of the bell and teach it to other children. It is usually a game that does not lead children to fight if everyone understands the purpose of the game. The game can last as long as the children feel like it. The greater the number of participants the longer the game will last, because the other children will be curious to see the result obtained by their companions so as to commit themselves to do better in the next round. It is a game that will continue to be handed down over time, because it can be made in any place and at any time, it is extremely simple and above all it is a lot of fun.

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