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Buartnut Tree Information: Tips On Growing Buartnut Trees

By Teo Spengler

What is a buartnut tree? If you haven't read up on buartnut tree information, you may not be familiar with this interesting nut producer. For buartnut tree information, including tips on growing buartnut trees, the following article should help.

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The Brown Turkey fig tree is an ideal choice for the gardener who is just learning how to care for fruit trees. Keep reading to learn how to effectively grow a Brown Turkey fig tree and steps you can take to maintain one throughout the years.

Brown Turkey Fig Tree Overview

Characteristic Description
Characteristic Description
Fruit size Up to four inches long
Fruit uses Eat fresh or cooked
Fruit color Green skin before ripe, deep purple skin when ripe orange-pink flesh
Fruit texture and flavor Soft texture, sweet flavor
Region South, West Coast
Hardiness zone 7–10
Growing season Ripens in early spring and produces two crops pick in late spring or early summer and again in late summer and early fall
Susceptibility Fig mosaic, pink blight, leaf blight, rust, fruit souring

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